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Versus Arthritis

  Wednesday, 09 Nov 2022 | Funding Deadline

The following funding opportunity is open for application:

Priorities 2023: Accelerating diagnosis and treatment (closing date: 9 November 2022)
Versus Arthritis want to bring about more accurate and faster diagnosis and more timely, effective and targeted treatments, tailored to individuals, taking into consideration not just their genes but also the environment they live in. The Better Lives Today, Better Lives Tomorrow Research Strategy 2022-2026 focusses their investment and influence on four priority areas over the next four years. It is striving to bring ground-breaking scientific discoveries to people with arthritis at pace and with precision.

This call for applications for research funding focusses on two of the priority areas:

  • Early detection and prevention: spotting the biological signatures of arthritis early to maximise the opportunities for timely intervention and preventing it from getting worse.
  • Targeted treatments: taking the guesswork out of treatment by increasing effective, reliable and timely drug and non-drug solutions to reduce, manage or cure disease.