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The Policy Research Programme (PRP): NIHR Policy Research Programme: Qualitative Research on Women’s Experiences of Urogynaecological Health Services

  Tuesday, 12 May 2020 | Funding Deadline

The NIHR funds policy research to enable evidence informed policy making in health and social care.

The Policy Research Programme (PRP) is inviting proposals for a single research project to explore women’s experiences of urogynaecological health services in primary and secondary care. This topic is of significant interest to policy makers and so offers an important opportunity to inform policy choices and decisions in a highly sensitive area.

The research will use a qualitative design to gather a wide range of experiences and reflections from women regarding their interactions with urogynaecological health services and experiences following a diagnosis and treatment/intervention. The research provides a vital opportunity to meaningfully contribute to a limited pre-existing evidence base and potentially shape future policy.

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Deadline for proposals: 1pm