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Royal Osteoporosis Society: Research Grants

  Monday, 06 Jun 2022 | Funding Deadline

The Royal Osteoporosis Society is focusing its grants programme on pioneering studies which can help close the treatment gap. This year, the charity is inviting applications for studies which aim to improve care and lead to quicker and more accurate diagnosis, by overcoming the barriers to rapidly implement evidence-based clinical interventions into wider practice. Projects which aim to reduce health inequalities in osteoporosis care are also welcomed in line with their cross-cutting Equity stand within the strategy.

The following awards are open for application:

  • Project Grants: The purpose of each grant is to support an established UK osteoporosis researcher to undertake a pioneering research project that is designed to answer a single question or a group of related questions. (Deadline:
  • Early Career Grants: The purpose of each grant is to support a researcher in the early stages of their career through specific funding of a research project. The scheme aims to invest in the development of the next generation of outstanding osteoporosis researchers. Therefore applicants will need to have demonstrated that they are on an upward trajectory with great potential and are now ready to take the next step towards becoming an independent principal investigator.
  • Innovative Grants: The purpose of each grant is to support a highly innovative pilot study at the cutting-edge, to provide the critical data required to apply for funding from larger funding organisations.

Deadline for proposals: 6 June 2022