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NIHR Advanced Fellowship

  Thursday, 13 Jan 2022 | Funding Deadline

The NIHR Advanced Fellowship funds post-doctoral individuals from a range of health and social care professions who have not yet been awarded a chair. Whether you are someone who has recently been or about to be awarded a PhD, or someone with several years of post-doctoral experience, you could be eligible to apply for an Advanced Fellowship.

The Fellowship funds:

  • full salary support, including protected time to concentrate on research
  • research costs
  • a bespoke training and development programme to meet individual needs
  • Applicants who are active clinicians or social workers can request for up to 40% of their time to be dedicated to clinical service/development/practice, which will be covered by the Fellowship.


We are particularly welcoming applications from researchers looking to undertake research in:

  • Multiple Long Term Conditions – Multimorbidity (MLTC-M)
  • Dementia


Deadline for proposals: 13 January 2022

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