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MRC: Molecular and cellular medicine grants

  Tuesday, 19 Sep 2023 | Funding Deadline

Apply for funding to support research projects focused on molecular and cellular medicine. The following funding streams are open for application:

  • Responsive mode research grant: funds research into basic biological mechanisms or technologies relevant to human health and disease.
  • Responsive mode: programme: support a programme of research focused on molecular and cellular medicine. It aim to increase understanding of: (1) the structure and function of molecules and complexes; (2) the cellular environment during development and mature states; (3) how biological systems respond to challenges (for example, drugs and toxins) and diseases.
  • Responsive mode new investigator: provides funding to (1) research molecular and cellular medicine; (2) take the next step towards becoming an independent researcher. Funds fund new investigators who are capable of becoming independent researchers and are now ready to take the next step towards that goal.
  • Responsive mode partnership: provides funding to support new partnerships between diverse groups of researchers in molecular and cellular medicine.

Deadline for proposals: 19 September 2023