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MRC/AHRC/ESRC Adolescence, Mental Health and the Developing Mind: COVID-19 rapid knowledge mobilisation

  Monday, 01 Jun 2020 | Funding Deadline

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world for adolescents has changed profoundly. While many adults face similar challenges, this is arguably a particular challenge for adolescents. The Adolescence, Mental Health and the Developing Mind programme are inviting proposals to support rapid knowledge mobilisation of current needs in adolescent wellbeing and mental health in light of the impact of COVID-19. This is expected to result in the development of a portfolio of multimedia resources that will address the current challenges and concerns adolescents are experiencing in response to COVID-19, create practical advice and promote evidence-based strategies that meet the needs of young people during, and after, the pandemic, and that can be used to provide advice and recommendations to policy makers and professionals involved in supporting young people.

Deadline for proposals: 12pm on 1st June 2020

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