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Medical Research Foundation: Adolescent Dermatology Fellowship

  Thursday, 07 Jan 2021 | Funding Deadline

The aim of the Adolescent Dermatology Fellowship is to increase understanding of the disease mechanisms underpinning skin disorders of relevance to adolescents, and improve diagnosis, treatment and management of these diseases.

The Medical Research Foundation is inviting applications from clinicians who have the potential to be the research leaders of the future, to support research that will increase understanding of the disease mechanisms underlying adolescent skin disorders. Researchers whose work may lead to better understanding of prevention, treatment or management of these disorders are welcome to apply.

The CRTF supports clinicians, including (but not limited to) medics, surgeons, dentists, clinical psychologists, public health specialty trainees, allied health professionals, nurses, midwives and veterinarians, to undertake a PhD or other higher research degree. The scheme also provides a route for post-doctoral applicants who achieved their PhD some time ago but who have not been research active since due to clinical training commitments to reacquire research skills.

Deadline for proposals: 7th January 2021

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