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Healthcare Infection Society: Research Grants

  Tuesday, 01 Mar 2022 | Funding Deadline

The Healthcare Infection Society aims to fund pioneering, innovative research within the scope of infection prevention and control and nosocomial infections. Applications for funding must show an understanding of the clinical practice of infection prevention and control directly relating to nosocomial infections.

HIS offers the following grants:

  • Small Research Grants: Support small-scale research projects, or possibly the costs associated with the visit of an overseas research fellow, up to £10,000 for a project of 12 months duration.
  • Major Research Grant: Supports work on the subject of healthcare-associated infections and infection prevention and control. This grant would be suitable to support a PhD studentship, MD or other research worker and related consumables/equipment, with a preference towards translational research rather than pure science topics.


Deadline for proposals: 01 March (small grant only) and 01 September 2022 (small and major grant)