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ESRC: Embedding methodological development in social science research

  Tuesday, 25 Oct 2022 | Funding Deadline

Social science researchers are being invited to apply for funding to refine recently developed methodological approaches. The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has a pot of £2.8 million to support adaptations and innovations that were developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. ESRC hopes that the initiative will enable researchers to embed their new approaches in research practice and make them accessible across the social sciences.

Proposals funded through this highlight notice will refine methodological approaches developed since March 2020 to enable them to be fully embedded in research practice, maximising their contribution to social science research. Many of the adaptations and innovations that occurred across a range of methodologies during the pandemic will offer long-term benefits to the community. This opportunity aims to maximise the impact of these by providing an opportunity for researchers to consolidate and refine methodological approaches to ensure they represent good practice and are accessible widely across social science research.

Deadline for proposals: 25 October 2022
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