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EPSRC: Digital health hub pilot scheme

  Thursday, 11 Aug 2022 | Funding Deadline

Apply for funding to create a digital health hub. Hubs should promote knowledge and skills sharing across healthcare, academia and business, and drive innovation in digital health. Digital health hubs will promote the transfer and sharing of knowledge and skills, enabling new partnerships to form, and creating a space for new research ideas and digital technologies to be developed.

EPSRC are looking to provide funding for a knowledge and skills digital health hub, focused on:

  • increasing skills and capacity in the development of digital health and care solutions across academic disciplines, healthcare and industry
  • allowing co-creation of solutions with users across healthcare, such as patients, carers and clinicians
  • enabling the accelerated translation of digital technologies into the healthcare space and rapid commercialisation of emerging digital technologies
  • building new partnerships between industry, healthcare, social care, users of digital technologies and academia
  • increasing the sharing of knowledge between industry, healthcare and academia • providing a mechanism for fostering leadership in digital health and care.

Deadline for proposals: 11 August 2022
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