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Cancer Research UK: Discovery Programme Awards

  Thursday, 30 Mar 2023 | Funding Deadline

Programme Awards provide long-term support for broad, multidisciplinary research where the aim is to answer an interrelated set of questions. Applications are accepted from scientists, clinicians or health care workers in UK universities, medical schools, hospitals and some research institutions. Applications will be considered in the following areas:

  • Basic biological research: Any area of basic biological research relating to cancer. Studies may include the use of model systems (e.g. yeast, worm, fly, zebrafish, mouse), cell lines (animal or human) or primary tumour material
  • Preclinical studies: Research that will generate biological data to underpin therapeutic development
  • Biomarkers
  • Imaging
  • Radiotherapy research
  • The application of engineering and physical sciences to cancer

Deadline for proposals: 30 March 2023
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