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Cancer Research UK: Biology to Prevention Award / Early Detection and Diagnosis Primer Award / Early Detection and Diagnosis Programme Award

  Thursday, 12 Jan 2023 | Funding Deadline

The following funding opportunities are open for application:

  • Biology to Prevention Award: This scheme aims to harness biological and mechanistic insights to provide new targets and approaches for cancer prevention. The Biology to Prevention Awards aim to stimulate translational research that will build and use greater biological and mechanistic understanding of cancer aetiology, genesis and risk, in order to lead to precision prevention interventions. (Deadline: 12 January 2023)
  • Early Detection and Diagnosis Primer Award: Supports researchers at all stages to develop early, novel and outside-the-box ideas and collaborations to build and make progress in the ED&D field. This award challenges researchers to consider how you can utilise skills and techniques in innovative ways to accelerate ED&D research. Primer Awards provide seed funding to develop new relationships, ideas and lines of research, and the generation of pilot data. (Deadline: 23 March 2023)
  • Early Detection and Diagnosis Programme Award: Funds long-term, integrated and renewable programmes of exceptional science to transform how and when early cancers and pre-cancerous states are diagnosed. Early detection and diagnosis (ED&D) research seeks to detect and diagnose consequential precancerous changes and cancer at the earliest possible point at which an intervention might be made, reducing the burden of late-stage disease. (Deadline: 6 April 2023)