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BBSRC: Work with US researchers: BBSRC-NSF/BIO lead agency 2021

  Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021 | Funding Deadline

Apply for funding to collaborate with US researchers on a single joint proposal. The lead agency scheme allows US and UK researchers to submit a single collaborative proposal that will undergo a single review process by the lead agency, on behalf of both NSF/BIO and BBSRC In 2021 proposals will be accepted for UK-US collaborative projects in the areas of intersection between NSF/BIO and BBSRC as set out below.

Proposals must address the priorities of both BBSRC and participating NSF/BIO divisions. Proposers must provide a clear rationale for the need for a US-UK collaboration, including the unique expertise and synergy that the collaborating groups will bring to the project.

Projects must be in one of the following areas:

  • biological informatics
  • microbes and the host immune system
  • quantum biology
  • synthetic cell.

Your proposal must address the priorities of both BBSRC and US National Science Foundation Directorate of Biological Sciences (NSF/BIO).

Deadline for proposals: 22 September 2021

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